Our Process

Our 15 step maintenance program helps keep your vehicle looking new

1 . Touchless Exterior Wash.

2. Soft Chamois Wipe Down We carefully wipe down your car with a soft chamois to remove any water spotting that might occur during the drying process.

3. Tire Care Tires cleaned and rubber revitalized to give them that "Wet Look".

4. Brake Dust Removal Rims, wire and mag wheels are restored to look like new.

5. Windows (Interiors & Exteriors) Special cleaning formula for windows to remove road grime, smoke residue and provide maximum clarity.

6. Headliner Cleaning

7. Interior Clean and Conditioning Detailed cleaning of your vehicle's interior, starting with your dashboard, vents, console areas, all door sides, backseat areas and all the interior trim. All these areas are cleaned and conditioned to give your car a brand new look.

8. Vacuum Rugs and Upholstery Detailed vacuuming of the floors, seats and all those hard to reach areas. *Dog Hair Removal Will Be Extra!*

9. Leather Care For all leather surfaces we use a rich lanolin formula to clean and restore leather, maintaining moisture balance that prevents drying and cracking.

10. Spot Removal We give special attention to all stains around your console area and any stains on your seats.

11. The Executive Wax Protection We hand wax your vehicle with special waxes that restore color and luster leaving your vehicle with a perfect deep wet look.

12. Inner & Outer Door Jamb Cleaning We clean out the inner and outer door jambs and condition all the rubber seals.

13. The Executive Shampooing Professional shampooing with warm water solution for deep cleaning dirt and grime. This is also great for removing odors.

14. Revitalize Exterior Trim We revitalize exterior trim, bumpers and all exterior rubber for that new factory look.

15. Pine Sap and Tar Removal We remove all pine sap and tar build-up from your car.

Pricing (Dependent on Size and Condition of Vehicle)

Large SUVs and Minivans

SUVs and Trucks

Cars and Crossovers

*Pet Hair Removal Fee: $15-$75 depending on condition of vehicle

Our Process in Action

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