Learn More About CEO Mobile Car Wash's 15-Step Process

Learn More About CEO Mobile Car Wash's 15-Step Process

CEO Mobile Car Wash always has the tried and true way for top-quality vehicle cleaning brought straight to you. As the go-to mobile car wash in the greater Boston area, we're excited to share what makes our 15-step process so effective and well-renowned. Read on to learn more, and choose us for your car detailing today!


1 - Touchless Exterior Wash

Not one fingerprint will go on your soon-to-be spotless vehicle!

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2 - Soft Chamois Wipe Down

Wiping any vehicle with a soft chamois will prevent any water spots during the drying process. This problem occurs with standard car washes way more than it should, so we go the extra mile to avoid it completely.

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3 - Tire Care

Our thorough process goes right to your tires to be cleaned with revitalized rubber to give off the best look possible.

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4 - Brake Dust Removal

Equally important, your rims, wire, and mag wheels will receive a full restoration process to look brand new while accommodating your specific vehicle.

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5 - Windows

Our mobile car detailing process will take care of bug splatters, smoke residue, and anything else that just won't leave your windows alone.

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6 - Headliner Cleaning

Your outer layer and inner rigid substrates will look spotless once we're done with our headliner cleaning process.

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7 - Interior Clean and Conditioning

Everything in your interior, from the console area to the dashboard, will be cleaned and conditioned to give your car the look it deserves.

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8 - Vacuum Rugs and Upholstery

Effective vacuuming comes from experience and is a priority for our team that values putting the best effort forward in making your vehicle rugs spotless.

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9 - Leather Care

For any leather surfaces, our lanolin formula will clean and restore them to their rightful condition.

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10 - Spot Removal

We will treat any stain around your console area or on your seats for the best spot removal process you can get.

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11 - The Executive Wax Protection

Our special wax will restore the color and luster of your vehicle to shine with your next drive and beyond.

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12 - Inner & Outer Door Jamb Cleaning

Your door jambs will be cleaned and conditioned inside and out with our thorough process to leave them better than when they were found.

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13 - The Executive Shampooing

Every spec of dirt and grime will be removed while we apply a warm water solution to remove any odors on your vehicle.

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14 - Revitalize Exterior Trim

All of your exterior rubber and bumpers will be treated to look brand new.

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15 - Pine Sap and Tar Removal

Any and all pine sap and tar build-up will be immediately removed to get what otherwise can be a challenging task to do without professional aid.

If you are looking for car detailing in Boston, don't wait. Our signature 15-step process will leave you in awe of the final results. Choose us for your car detailing today!

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